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Dear teachers and parents,

You are welcome to visit the sites of the Historical Museum – Balchik, where you and your children/students can experience an amazing day. Especially for you we have developed educational-activity programs. The museum is the place where your child from an early age can get involved in learning about the traditions of his/her clan and of society as a whole, as well as for a meaningful leisure time. It is a way to instill in children the necessary attention to our historical and cultural heritage.

In July and August in the sites of the Historical Museum – Balchik, together with the Community Centre “Svoboda – 1897” in Gurkovo village, a summer academy for children of different ages is held, which gives the opportunity to the young participants to get in touch with Bulgarian life and culture. For more information visit the Summer Academy website and the Community Center’s Facebook page:

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Fun games for children at different ages:

          » Let’s arrange an exhibition children will have the opportunity to take the role of curators in the Ethnographic House and the Art Gallery.

           » Grandparents’ games children will go back in time when there was no computer and internet, play in the courtyard of the Ethnographic House of checkers, elastic band, jump over the mare, give grandma a fire, cones and more.

          » Solving a crossword puzzle with ethnographic conceptsthe children will get acquainted with the main objects in the ethnographic exhibition and then solve a crossword puzzle.

         » Treasure hunters children will be able to discover objects in the archaeological and ethnographic exhibition through fun riddles and texts.

        » Diary of a Young Ethnographerchildren will have the opportunity to interview the curator to find out how the objects reached the museum and describe their journey to the exhibition hall.

» A reenactment of a Renaissance school lesson – to be held at the Mutual School – children will be able to write on sand and with quill pen on leather, as was done in the past.

» Image searchers in paintings – children will be able to find images in the paintings of the Art Gallery through riddles and puzzles, thus learning about their authors and genres in fine art.

» Creativity is joy – a workshop for young and old.