The beginning

On October 20, 1961, on the initiative of the Town Community Centre  "Paisii Hilendarski", in its own building, a historical and archaeological museum collection was established. The founder of the first exposition of the Historical Museum - Balchik was Mrs. Klara Petkova.

The exposition is located in a building constructed in 1907 by an Austrian architect for municipal and district administration. In 1928, the facade was reconstructed according to the project of the Romanian architect Henrietta Delavranca-Giburi. From 1959 to 1965 the building was used as a community centre and town library. The transformation of the museum collection into a state museum took place on 2 April 1969.

First historical and archaeological
museum collection in Balchik


Historical Museum

Art Gallery

Художествена галерия, Исторически музей гр. Балчик

Ethnographic House

Етнографска къща, към Исторически музей гр. Балчик

Mutual School

Взаимното училище

Teketo "Ak Yazli Baba - St. Atanasii"

ТЕКЕТО „АК ЯЗЪЛЪ БАБА”, с. Оброчище, Исторически музей Балчик

Mobile exhibitions

Мраморен лутерион и жертвеник в наоса на храма.


Creativity is Joy

On March 15, the team of the Art Gallery visited the kindergarten “Zdravets”- Balchik. With the children from the group “Sunny”, led by Marina Georgieva, they made a three-dimensional card…