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Summer Academy 2022 Final

We closed the Summer Academy, which was in partnership with the Community Centre “Svoboda-1897” in Gurkovo, in connection with the museum project “The Museum as an Educational Environment”. In five consecutive editions, more than 50 children boarded a boat to get to know fishing as a livelihood of the town. Balchik. They became participants in a reenactment of the Haiduk oath. They stepped into the shoes of real archaeologists and searched for Balchik treasures at the Late Antique fortress in the White Town. They traveled back in time to the carefree childhood games of our time, when we played hide-and-seek, cooked mud soup, and money grew on trees.

And the icing on the cake was the night under the stars, which we called “Survival in the wild”, where the children received an interesting lesson from the officers and sergeants from the National Military University “Vasil Levski” in Veliko Tarnovo.

Our sincerest thanks to everyone involved in making a great summer happen for the children of Balchik. Our heartfelt thanks go to the Rotary Club and the Inner Wheel Club of Balchik who purchased 50 copies of the museum’s publication “The Values of Balchik” and gave them to the children. The children received a backpack with the logo of the academy and a certificate of a happy happened childhood.

Well, we are not a school, but the children learned a lot through experience, made new friends and kept the emotion of an unforgettable summer.

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