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In the glorious times of the Haiduks

“In the glorious times of the Haiduks” is another lesson given by the museum specialists from the Historical Museum – Balchik, in connection with the project “The Museum as an Educational Environment”. We went back to the time when there were strict laws and harsh punishments. The children from the summer academy took part in the reenactment of the Haiduks oath and received their “Diploma” for successfully taking it.

In the courtyard of the Renaissance school in Balchik and the church “St. Nicholas the Wonderworker” the children were welcomed by our director Radostina Encheva, in the role of Raina Knyaginya, and Ventsislav Chakov – curator of the museum, walked them through the era of the Bulgarian Revival and the struggles for church independence. From him they also learned about the weapon as a symbol of freedom in those times.

With a dagger and a revolver on the Gospel, the children repeated the selfless words of the haidouks and received the blessing of the protodei Todor Todorov. The leader who swore them in today was Lieutenant Colonel Ivan Iliev from the Ministry of Defence – father of three of our participants in the academy, whom we thank from the bottom of our hearts for joining the reenactment. The baptism of the children in patriotism was announced with a bell ringing, which made the more sensitive of them bristle.

From flintlock rifles, the yatagan and the sabre, we took them through the ages to modern air and combat weapons at the ADMIRAL Shooting Range. There they saw carbines, snipers, assault rifles – practically all types of weapons. The instructor Nicky, who also prepares children competing in different shooting disciplines, showed and told them about it, and the most interesting part was the skeet demonstration with the remote firing of bowls from the small and large tower of the Admiral shooting range, whose team we thank!

The kids fired Air Soft guns at tin cans, and then teleported back in time with homemade slingshots they made themselves as keepsakes.